Odilon Redon⁣ Cactus Man⁣ 1881⁣ “A man's head emerges from

10/13/2021, 12:03:32 PM
Odilon Redon⁣ Cactus Man⁣ 1881⁣ “A man's head emerges from a flowerpot, his neck rising upward like the stalk of a strange hybrid plant. Delicate thorns cover his skin and head, giving him a cactus-like appearance while also conjuring Christ's crown of thorns, or other similar martyrs. With large dull eyes, a flattened nose, and wide lips, the head has an expression that is both observant and indifferent. The vase is decorated with an image of an Amazon slaying a man, referring to the Greek myth of women warriors whose conflation of feminine and masculine traits echoes the conflation of human and plant forms in the drawing. ⁣ The drawing may be related to an exhibition Redon saw in Paris in 1881 featuring the inhabitants of the Tierra del Fuego. The native South Americans on display, which Redon described as "haughty, cruel and grotesque," had a profound if complicated impact on the artist: on the one hand he admired the purity and simplicity of the so-called "primitive" people, while on the other he recognized in them the fearsome barbarity of man's origins. Growing out of a square planter - a symbol of Western culture and containment - Redon's hybrid man-plant can thus be understood as an attempt to reconcile the two poles of human existence, nature and culture, wild and civilized.”⁣ #paintings #painting #artlovers #famousartists #famousart #artlegends #masterpieceart #artmasterpieces #thearts #everythingart #arteverything #artislife #artislife e🎨 #dailyart #fineart #arthistorian #arthistorynerd #arthistory #historyofart #artlove #odilonredon #redon #cactusman #darkart #symbolism

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