Without these women things would have been much more

2/10/2021, 12:22:13 PM
Without these women things would have been much more violent. The Rape of the Sabines - The Invasion (1871) shows the last of three works by Charles Christian Nahl, and it shows how the Sabine women interfere in a bloody battle between the Romans and the Sabines. The paintings show scenes from the early days of Rome, when Romulus was in charge. Rome had just been founded, but there were mostly men living in this new settlement. So, the Romans decided to attract some women to their town, which eventually resulted in them abducting many Sabine women which they would marry. The abduction can be seen in the second image here. The Romans married the Sabine women who gradually warmed up to their new husbands, as shown in the last image (all painted by Nahl between 1870 and 1871). The Sabines obviously were not happy that the Romans abducted their women and attacked Rome. A bloody battle was about to ensue, but at some point, the Sabine women entered the battlefield to stand in between the armies of their husbands (the Romans) and their fathers and brothers (the Sabines). #Art #Painting #Artwork #ArtHistory #HistoryofArt #OilPainting #OilonCanvas #Nahl #GermanArt #GermanArtist #GermanPainter #Sabines #SabineWomen #Rome #Romulus #Battle #War #Peace #Interference #Interfere #Peacemakers #Women

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