A star-like mane 💇🏼‍♀️ Berenice's Tresses, Ambrogio Borghi

3/12/2021, 7:01:32 PM
A star-like mane 💇🏼‍♀️ Berenice's Tresses, Ambrogio Borghi. 🎨Acclaimed by critics, this sculpture represents who was the wife of Egyptian king Ptolemy III Euergetes (the Benefactor). When Ptolemy ascended the throne, his first mission was to go to Syria to fight King Seleucus II and avenge the murder of his sister and nephew (who was the heir to the throne of this region of Asia). He fought long and harvested many victories, but in his absence, his wife Berenice remained fearful for him, and promised before Aphrodite that he would sacrifice her beautiful hair (admiration of all) if he returned alive and victorious. So it was, and that same day Berenice kept her promise. But that night someone stole the locks, infuriating both Berenice and Euergetes, so they went to the astronomer Conon of Samos, that revealed the hair had been actually turned into a constellation. 👨‍🎨Ambrogio Borghi (Italian, 1849-1887) was a stellar talent despite his short life. He did not run a workshop like most of his contemporaries, and produced few but brilliant works. Ambrogio Borghi's Chioma di Berenice is perhaps the most magnificant nineteenth-century sculpture to appear on the art market in recent years. 📐Height: 190 cm (74.8 in). Marble, 1878. 🏛Private collection. (😱!) What do you think about this? Share and follow @monteroneart for more 🎨! Shop our art collections in the Link in Bio.

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