George Inness (1825 – 1894): The Rainbow in the Berkshire

4/21/2021, 4:58:17 PM
George Inness (1825 – 1894): The Rainbow in the Berkshire Hills, 1869, oil on canvas, 50.8 x 76.2 cm, White House Collection, Washington, D.C ". . . Given Inness's patriotic ardor in the 1860s, along with a deepening religious conviction on his part, it seems certain that present painting is a clear and uncomplicated postwar prayer of thanksgiving." "Violent storm clouds have passed over this gentle landscape amid the Berkshire Hills in western Massachusetts. The scraggly tree behind the shed at the left is still electric with the storm's golden afterglow. Into the newly peaceful countryside comes an ox-drawn hay wagon, with a farm boy enthroned upon an abundant and securely gathered harvest of green-gold hay. Above him arcs the rainbow that has superseded the departing storm. . " (Notes from William Kloss, "Art in the White House: A Nation's Pride")

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