Fyodor Antonovich Bruni is an outstanding master of

5/27/2021, 4:49:26 PM
Fyodor Antonovich Bruni is an outstanding master of historical painting of the first half of the 19th century. The multi-figure compositions he created won fame and recognition among his contemporaries. Bruni worked on "The Brazen Serpent" for fifteen years, and it does not only reflect in the huge size of the canvas, but also by the complexity of comprehending and writing a deeply philosophical content of the Old Testament plot. Rescued from Egyptian captivity, the Jewish people under the leadership of Moses wandered in the waterless desert for forty long years. Tired of thirst and hunger, the people grumbled, and the Lord, as a punishment - sent a rain of poisonous snakes. Then the people repented and began to pray for mercy, to which the Lord commanded Moses to erect a colossus and put a serpent on it. Anyone who looked at it with faith and salvation through the Lord would be merciful. The artist set himself the difficult task - to depict the diverse reaction of the many-sided crowd, to show the degree of faith and obedience to the divine will of each person. But the people represented on the canvas are more likely to be seized with fear than filled with deep humility to the dictates of Heaven. The artist's attempt to present the action in night illumination, snatching figured compositions with moonlight, gives the painting a note of symbolism and makes a mystical impression. The Brazen Serpent, 1841 by Fyodor Bruni. 🏛️: Russian Museum #arteesamor #historyofart #arthistory #arte #russianmuseum #russianartist #masterpiece #moses #ancientart #poisonousrain #snakes #serpent #followers #art #artgallery #artlovers #19thcentury #paintingsdaily #artwork #oilpainting #horror #repentance #lord #heaven #details #artdetails

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